WG-Master guide 介面說明

WG_Master 程式基本說明

  1. Unzip the compressed file, open the folder, and execute "WGMaster.exe".

  2. After opening the program, you will see the following screen.
    There will be the basic interface of the program in the picture, the upper left corner will display today’s date (unregistered players will not display the date), registration requires SID, each computer will only have a special SID, we need to give us this group ID when registering. Only then can we open your right to use the program.

  3. If you have successfully registered, the following screen will be displayed. (Today's date will appear in the upper left corner, which means you can use this program normally)

  4. In the picture on the right is the program hotkey description
    1. Alt+1 or Alt+F1:Click the mouse in the game emulator window and then press this hotkey. The window name will be added to the tab of the program, indicating that the addition is successful
      Alt+1 or Alt+F1 :將滑鼠在遊戲模擬器視窗內點擊一下後再按下此熱鍵,該視窗名稱將會加入程式的分頁中,表示加入成功
    2. Alt+2 or Alt+F2: Pressing the hotkey in the game window will start the automatic mode
      Alt+2 or Alt+F2 :在該遊戲視窗內按下熱鍵將會啟動自動模式
    3. Alt+3 or Alt+F3: Grab coordinates and colors in the game
      Alt+3 or Alt+F3 :在遊戲內抓取座標以及顏色